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The concept for The Vero Stone originated in 2012 when Italian stone carver Daniele Degli Esposti – having lived and worked in the U.S. for over 5 years – began to formulate a way to marry the best of Tuscany with his thriving client-based business in California. Leveraging the relationships built over decades of working side by side with Italian stone artisans in the Tuscan territory, channeling his innate aesthetic for modern and classic design, and embracing his appreciation for art, history, and culture, Daniele sought to bring what he missed most from his home in Italy to his work in the U.S.

Daniele founded The Vero Stone, a U.S. company with close working ties to Italy, with the mission of translating the beauty of Italian stone and design to modern American applications. Representing premium Italian brands, The Vero Stone introduces the luxury of hand chiseled natural stone pieces for bath, kitchen, and home to architects, designers, and residential clients across the country.

“Stone is a living element that requires the eyes, the hands, and the heart of another living being.”

  -Daniele Degli Esposti, Scalpellino

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The Vero Stone is founded on three core principles:


Our relationship with our client is of highest importance. Our clients – homeowners, wineries, designers, architects – receive our personal and customized attention on each and every project.

The close relationship we have with our Italian stone partners, including the designers, the engineers, and the artisans, is built on over two decades of collaborating on projects in the same territory. This close tie allows us to provide U.S. clients with a seamless experience, from concept design to installation, and gives us the freedom to create one-of-a-kind and completely personalized pieces for those we work with.


We only work with the best. Our stone partners are known for the same characteristics The Vero Stone stands for – exceptional quality, an eye for design and style, and the ability to blend the ancient tradition of hand chiseled workmanship with new and innovative carving techniques.


From start to finish – from selecting the type of material to designing the piece, from selecting blocks at the quarry to carving the artifact, from packing and shipping the item to installing it for the client – everyone involved in the process is an expert.

This sets us apart from other stone providers in the U.S., who often leave the final and most important step, installation, up to a contractor – someone with building experience but very little knowledge of stone. Our installers are trained stone carvers who take the utmost care in their work, skilled at creating smooth to nearly invisible junctures and demonstrating the inherent art of each piece.


Stone is a foundation of Tuscan culture – from the timeless bridges in Florence to the clock tower in Siena to sculpted masterpieces like Michelangelo’s David. Proven over centuries, these masterpieces are testament to the resounding beauty and architectural strength of stone.

Travertine, marble, and lava rock are organic materials embedded in Italy’s landscape, formed over centuries by natural processes and environmental elements. They come directly from the earth and, when harnessed with an expert hand, can be perfectly integrated into their surrounding environment – an outdoor garden space, a chapel courtyard, a beautiful kitchen, a hotel lobby. Onlookers easily identify with stone, and get a sense of calm and ease from the naturally aesthetic material.