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Nexus of Design Genius

Every once in a great while, two geniuses intersect in a meeting so rare and serendipitous, it can only be described as a strike of lightning. Such was the first meeting between Italian artisan stone carver, Daniele Degli Esposti, and architectural designer Jeffrey Lamb, of Portland, Oregon when they met five years ago at the PCBC in San Francisco.

Daniele Degli Esposti has crafted hand-cut works of art as a master stone carver for 20 years, creating architectural art pieces including columns, sinks, benches, arches, fireplaces, and capitals, with a specialization in stone flooring. Daniele’s enduring, artistic stonework can be found throughout Italy and California, with design locations as diverse as Siena, San Gimignano, Florence, Sonoma, and San Francisco. Daniele’s creativity, combined with his rare gift for sensing the veins, colors, and inherent shape of the stone has made him one of the most sought-after stone carvers in the world, producing works that can stand proudly next to those of history.

Jeffrey Lamb boasts more than 25 years of experience in high-end architectural design, including the Del Castello loft and gallery and The Metropolitan building, both in Portland, Oregon. In 1991, Jeff embarked on a 12-week travel fellowship to Italy, a country that had always held his interest as a locus of timeless design. His time there studying Carlo Scarpa’s work proved very influential in his future designing, prompting his focus on the artful combination of disparate materials and textures. Jeff, now the Director of Design at Lamb Design Studios, is a genius at dramatically crafted interior spaces with a passion for totality in design. He focuses on the way every detail influences the construction and feel of the whole. The acclaimed designer has a reputation for utilizing only the very best people in every field to realize each piece of his designs; he has a passion for quality and pure excellence and a dynamic, forward-thinking approach.

When Daniele and Jeff met, they quickly discovered that they shared a passion for turning common interior spaces into lasting works of art. They also spoke at length on the fact that when it came to stone, there was really nothing apart from standard slabs available for sinks in the U.S. A partnership was born, and now, these two legendary artists have come together to design a product line that makes true stone artistry available to the U.S. and represents the best combination of their unique talents: The Vero-Lamb line. This artisan bath line brings the best of a combined nearly 50 years of design experience into a stunning collection of functional art, each piece of which will augment the quality and grandeur of any interior space. Daniele and Jeff’s Vero-Lamb line will open in a gala celebration in San Francisco this year. The event is invitation-only. To inquire about details or to request an invitation, contact us.

When two artists this talented and this preeminent in their fields come together to create great art, it creates a shining moment in design history. Lightning has struck the design world, and Daniele Degli Esposti and Jeffrey Lamb are at the center of the flame.