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After many years working alongside his father on the trains linking the Carrara marble quarries, Sergio Devoti decided to take up the trade of stone craftsman in 1960, marking the beginning of the Devoti company and the seed for its newest offspring, Dedalo.

When Sergio’s children joined the family business, they brought with them artistic culture and technological innovation acquired during their academic studies at the prestigious Carrara Academy of Sculpture and the Carrara School of Marble.

As a natural progression, the Devoti brothers’ determination to maintain the productive capacity and professional quality of the company has allowed the family business to grow rapidly over the years, increasing its fleet of machinery and employing more staff, all of whom live in the town of Carrara.

Between 1987 and 2000, the company established itself firmly as a landmark in the stone-working sector, basing its strength on the quality of its artifacts, professionalism in the management of projects, and the extraordinary technical support provided to its customers. The result has produced works that can be placed among the top end of craftsmanship excellence and the art world. Every piece is conceived in such a way as to be unique and unrepeatable, reflecting exactly the client who commissioned it.

The third Devoti generation joined the company in 2000. Backed by qualifications achieved in the Arts and by their close link to the world of marble, they have begun to transform the techniques and expertise learned from their predecessors into modern applications, preserving the bond that has linked the Devoti family since 1960, that is, their passion for their work.

Dedalo was established in 2012 among the Devoti family of companies and has quickly become a point of reference in the stone world. Inspired by two young businessmen, Dedalo’s mission is to introduce marble into contemporary design and continue the company’s decades-long tradition founded on passion.