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Functional art

At The Vero Stone, we combine form and function into timeless pieces of living art. Each of our pieces is carved from a single block of solid stone that was chosen specifically for its intended purpose. In every piece, you will encounter a perfect marriage of effortless design and superb functionality.

The Vero Stone pieces are characterized by the beauty and simplicity of their functionality. Using the newest technology while preserving the history of a culture that embodies design and beauty, we celebrate this balance.

Designers from Dedalo and Vaselli are integrating weightless technology into their carving techniques, crafting stone sinks that a single man can lift, and cabinet doors whose weight equal that of solid wood.

These advanced techniques have helped integrate stone into modern trends – bringing previously unthinkable designs to life.

Using innovative techniques in glazing and high-tech color, Ranieri transforms pietra lavica into beautiful and elegant pieces that lend shape and visual intrigue to residential and commercial spaces, from intricately glazed tile walls to delicately carved sinks.

Our mission is to integrate stone into all walks of life, including inside and outside of private residences. Arredo Dipietra’s application of travertine for urban design offers sustainable and versatile solutions to public spaces, enhancing a walk through the park or romanticizing a winery tour.

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