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Stone is our passion

Stone will endure the test of time, but the integrity of the product and the beauty it brings to a space can be jeopardized if installation is not performed properly.

In the hands of a stone expert, travertine, marble, or lava rock can be shaped to fit perfectly into its intended setting. Whereas professionals who are unfamiliar with stone may damage or patch the piece to force a setting, our installers work with the natural characteristics of the stone to set it seamlessly and delicately into position.

The Vero Stone installers travel to Italy to take regular courses from engineers and artists at the source, learning the dynamics of each piece and the nuances of proper installation – ensuring a beautiful fit and the integrity of the product. Our installers are unique – they employ the newest techniques and applications while preserving the ancient art form of hand chiseled stone.

We are here for you

The Vero Stone is based in the U.S. with headquarters in Portland, Oregon. We are your link to Italy without the time zone. At your service for inquiries, available for consultations, and accessible in showrooms and in person, we are here to serve our clients.