Ranieri Pietra Lavica

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With a long family tradition of mining pietra lavica at the base of Mt. Vesuvius together with the passion for this exquisite material, Ranieri Pietra Lavica brings to us the historical and aesthetic value of pietra lavica, lava stone. After decades of experience in the sector, Giovanni Ranieri founded Ranieri Pietra Lavica in 2005, taking a completely new approach to the marriage of Italian design and natural stone.

Now an established leader in Italy and abroad, Ranieri brings innovation and color to unconventional environments. With daring new techniques and colors that create a strong visual and aesthetic impact, Ranieri’s line of indoor and outdoor pieces for residential, commercial, and recreational use brighten any setting. Ranieri makes possible applications that before were inconceivable, backed by the expertise of stone carvers and designers who push the limits of form, function, and beauty.