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The history of Vaselli in Rapolano Terme, representing over 100 years of experience, is as rooted in the territory as the stone itself.

Born in 1899, Ottavio Vaselli started his experience with travertine at a very young age. First as a stone block cutter in the quarry and then as a slab cutter in the sawmill at Serre di Rapolano, Ottavio dedicated his whole life to working with stone and passed this great passion to his son, Veraldo.

Born in 1931, Veraldo Vaselli was professionally trained as a stone carver and worked for 4 years as apprentice following his studies. He enjoyed a long career during which he was sought after not only for his chiseling quality and excellent interpretation of project demands, but also for his genius in finding solutions to the most challenging endeavors. Veraldo made a name for himself through his contributions to major architectural stone masterpieces in Italy and around the world.

Today, the Vaselli family continues to meet the new demands and the modern challenges of the Italian and international markets while celebrating the valuable handicraft experience handed down from their father Veraldo and their grandfather Ottavio. They face those challenges with a creative spirit, with the exceptional skills of their specialized staff, and with the cutting-edge technology they use in their 33,000 square foot manufacturing plant.

Vaselli is known in Italy and abroad for the highest levels of quality and service. While the Vaselli brand continues to grow in luxury markets around the world, the company remains closely tied to the Rapolano Terme territory, the primary production district in the province of Siena (Tuscany), famous for its limestone waters that over centuries have led to an immense heritage of stone.